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Okta - PKCE Verification Failed while requesting token

Let me clear a few concepts before I dive into the resolution for " PKCE Verification Failed " " Authorization Code " flow is an OAuth 2.0 flow , wherein an authorization code is issued by the Authorization Server . This code is used for requesting access tokens, used for accessing the protected resources. Authorization code is exchanged through the front-channel and is susceptible to interception attacks.

How to rename an AWS Lambda function?

 As of writing this article, there is no support in AWS to rename a Lambda function. However, there is an option to set an alias . And you can create multiple of them. The actual purpose of an alias , though, is to act as a pointer to a specific version of the lambda function. It can also act as a router to route traffic between two versions of the function with weight assignment e.g. to test it as a canary. If alias does not meet your needs, then the only other way is to delete the function and recreate it with the desired name.